Cure and endure

Yoga quoteWhen I started doing yoga, I was in my mid-thirties and in what you’d call “remission”, I guess, of cervical dystonia. Even though the symptoms of my dystonia had gone, I had other problems. I didn’t sleep well, and I always felt stressed out. I think we can all relate to that! So one day I decided to do something about it. And I couldn’t tell you why, but I was drawn to yoga. I tried a few videos at home. They were nice, I felt good afterward and slept so much better, but I wasn’t sure I was doing it right, and the guy in the video obviously couldn’t tell me. So I found a studio that conveniently lay between my home and my workplace. I called them up to ask them all my questions before coming (“Do I have to be experienced? Is it really hard? What should I wear? Do I HAVE to be barefoot?”). I went by myself, very uncharacteristically, mind you, to my first yoga class. On my own. Alone. I was nervous as hell! I just knew I’d look like a fool. But I did it anyway. When I left, I felt energized, relaxed, and… happy. Genuinely happy, almost blissful. It was weird! I mean, it was just yoga! I got into my car and wondered what the heck had happened to my rearview mirror, did someone move it? Ahhhh, no! I was actually sitting taller! Yep. That feeling was definitely bliss. I smiled all the way home.

I didn’t go regularly right off the bat. I’d go occasionally to the studio and sometimes do the videos I had at home. I liked that I could see a difference in my strength and flexibility fairly quickly. Then, two years in, my dystonia came back. It didn’t stop me, though, and while I wore a neck brace, I continued to take classes. Botox eventually took care of the dystonia, but what was supposed to be injections every three months indefinitely turned into two sessions only. TWO. My symptoms went away. I completely believe that yoga has helped me to keep those symptoms at bay.

Flash forward about four years or so… In 2012 I decided to go for my yoga teaching certification. I’d thought about it for a long time. The yoga studio I went to (the same one I dragged myself into that very first time) was offering the RYT200 training. So I did it, and here I am, yapping to you about it!

The reason I started this blog is because, obviously, I’d like to share my passion for yoga with all of you. I want people to see how accessible it is, no matter what your physical or medical condition is. In fact, you may find that it’s actually HELPING that condition. My dystonia will never really be gone, and the symptoms could reappear. I know that. But, “yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” I believe that whole heartedly.


  1. Shelly, thank you for being my inspiration to try yoga myself! I’m still at that beginning stage, not going as regularly as I’d like – but I really love it, and am thankful to you for helping me decide to try it, for real this time! You’re awesome!

  2. Michael McIntosh says:

    It is amazing how the spirit and body can nurture each other when in harmony, and debilitate each other when in discord. Ya done good, girl, and are doing good for others. I am so proud of you!

  3. Jgw1229 says:

    Beautiful and inspirational story, Shelly! xo

  4. Matt Frampton says:

    Awesome. Proud to be your husband. Xoxoxo

    Oh yeah, and the photo is one of mine!!!

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